House Sit Napier

We are just returned from our first house sit experience and it was a very easy introduction. Our hosts, S&D were great at communication and the process we experienced definitely made us want to do it again. I’m sure every one will be different and that’s some of what makes the coming couple of years a bit exciting.

We chose this as our first as it was in Napier, close to my childhood home town of Hastings so I’m more than familiar with the area, there was only one cat to look after, and it was a weekend sit so no great issues re timing.

The location of the sit was amazing, very close to the centre of Napier, but quiet residential street with lovely bush outlook, and a pool (that we didn’t use but it added to the ambience). Cefer – the aged but perfectly healthy and active cat was just lovely. She had her little quirky noises she made to let us know she was there and wanted attention – and she loved being made a fuss of with stroking and brushing. She wasn’t fazed at all by strangers being in her home.

Its a funny thing, house sitting, as you aren’t paying guests, and you aren’t friends or relatives of your hosts, and it’s not your home, but you are there because its the home of the loved pet. Because of this, I found we took great care to not make ourselves at home too much – we spent a lot of our day out of the house after looking after the cat’s morning rituals, and eating away from the house in order not to make a mess or have too much to clean up. I guess if it was a longer sit, we would have spent more time cooking and eating at “home” – but it was nice to explore all the local hot spots and enjoy some amazing food experiences. Lovely weather helped, and our wallets and waistlines were affected for sure!

All in all a great intro, and I’m hoping the next one will be as good and give us more notches on our experience belt as we prepare for next year’s adventures.

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