Delightful surprises – unknown Spain

We continue to be delighted and surprised as we discover the “off the beaten track” Spain. On our way out of Portugal, we stopped for a night in the tiny town of Trigueros – a truly Spanish settlement that (luckily for us) had a decent small hotel and a couple of restaurants. Often these places are chosen as stop-off points due to their location, where are travelling from and to, and sometimes we strike some gems.

Trigueros town square

Another find was Trujillo – which we found due to reading an article on the NZ news website “Stuff”. (It can be read here) It was on our way towards Madrid and we ended up with two nights here to explore this delightful town. In the region of Extremadura, once the poorest of the poor, it has been well preserved and tourism (albeit, mainly local) has allowed it to shine and develop.

One of the cathedrals with our hotel in the background
Trujillo town square
Town square at night

We stayed in a converted convent hotel, with original features – including the precariously narrow roads we squeezed through to access the hotel itself. We loved wandering the narrow cobbled streets and marvelling at the stone constructed houses and churches.

Dinnertime views before the dusk

Dinner in an outside courtyard under the cathedral bell tower was magical and the sunset the second night over the Portuguese border in the distance was beautiful. (It reminded me a little of a similar setting and sunset in Montepulciano, Italy a few years previously).

We definitely recommend a stop in Trujillo if you are ever west of Madrid … but there are so many little towns like this just waiting to be discovered.

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