About us

Carolyn and Chris are New Zealanders who spent 2018/19 /housesitting/travelling/living in Spain, moving from Wellington which had been our home base for over 36 years and where we brought up our family. We have now settled in semi-rural Bay of Plenty region but will be housesitting and travelling again for much of 2023.

We have been involved separately and together in Christian fellowship, Christian camping, Harrier clubs, road and recreational cycling, snow skiing, volunteering with charity meals providers, neighbourhood gatherings, and much more. Back now in NZ, we continued the housesitting lifestyle we enjoyed so much while abroad, taking the opportunity to explore and live in parts of NZ we have only visited briefly in the past and finding our new home base. We have settled in the sunny Bay of Plenty, enjoying a lifestyle block with land, views, a developing garden, 3 alpaca and starting a new venture running a small B&B. Here’s the link: Te Harinui

These pages document our “local” travels since 2017 and adventure in Europe in 2018/19 and now further adventures in 2023.

If you are interested in seeing our housesitting profile, you can find it by clicking ⇒here

Our home views
Two of our friendly boys, Rufus and Chewpaca


  1. Hi Carolyn & Chris
    Nice to know there are others around that are just as crazy as us and are prepared to take the risk and see where the journey takes us.
    We will follow your blog with interest.
    Maybe our paths will cross in the future.

    Ann & Graeme

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  2. Hi. I am a sol traveller as my husband passed away four years ago. We had travelled all around Australia (our home Country) and overseas house and pet sitting for 10 years together. I do not have a home base. I go where the housesits take me and back to Australia in between to sit for family and friends. I love my lifestyle and would not have it any other way in spite of being a very young 70 year old. I recently travelled to Barcelona and Lisbon from New York. Loved them both and hope to visit both countries again. Best wishes. Rhonda


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